Our Team has spent many successful years partnering with clients to develop and design their Corporate and Private Events. When the pandemic hit, we shifted our entire way of looking at the dynamics of celebrations. There will always be extravagant events, but we see the value in the intimate experiences that truly allow people to connect on a deeper level. The types of moments that encourage joy, laughter, celebration, learning, growth…all while being introduced to the immensely talented artisans and producers in their locale, strengthening our communities.


Why the focus on Experience vs. Event? We are not Event Planners: While we partner with many of the best planners in our towns, the focus of Sans Souci Experiences is curating and designing your own experience concept. 


  • Experience: Anticipation and memory of what is felt to be good or desirable; feeling of happy satisfaction or enjoyment, delight, gratification


  • Event: A thing/activity that happens, especially of importance, a planned occasion
Young women blowing confetti from hands. Friends celebrating outdoors in evening at a terrace.
EXPERIENCE - fluorescent Neon tube Sign on brickwork - Front view - 3D rendered royalty free stock picture. Can be used for online banner ads and direct mailers.

Our Mission

  • To integrate our creativity, passion, and vision with our clients' desire for meaningful and impactful life memories. To fully celebrate all that life offers and enjoy the time we're here on this earth. To harness the talent of our local experts and masters of their art forms. To bring learning, healing, joy to celebrations (and not just those 'big life events').
  • To establish a Company which values and respects the people who choose to work with us - including clients, artists/creative professionals, vendors, employees, and our community. 
  • To design interactive and immersive moments that celebrate the best of our human experience, creating new memories to be savored.

Bottom line: To ensure that for as long as we're all here together, that we are focused on feeling really f*cking great and experiencing all the joy possible! Let us show you how to experience life in creative ways! 

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
  • Creative & Emotional Intelligence
  • Community Advocacy
  • Badass-ery (yes, that’s a principle!)


Locations: While our HQ and home base is in Richmond, VA, we are expanding our Team of Experience Designers throughout the Southeast. Stay tuned for the next locations to open up their services! Living in the cities in which we operate reinforces our community ties: We’ve built a trusted network with our hometown professionals and creatives and can’t wait to showcase their talents!

Sans Souci: adjective French, without worry; carefree.

When we say, "No worries," we mean it. Let us help you enjoy your celebration!


(Fun fact: Jerry Garcia had this motto engraved on his garden gate. Our founder is huge Jerry Garcia Band fan, so this was a natural fit for our name.)