Who We Are

A group of event professionals who design and produce curated connection experiences, allowing you to discover local artists’ talents and develop life-long memories with your favorite people.


At Sans Souci Experiences, nothing makes us happier than creating unforgettable memories and celebratory moments for our clients. We are driven by a desire to transform events into next-level immersive celebration experiences. By integrating Culinary/Music/Performance/Beverage/Wellness/Craft Artists and sensory elements into your plans, we turn ordinary events into extraordinary memories. Even the most intimate of celebrations can be elevated by introducing something ‘unexpected.’


The Sans Souci Experiences Team draws on our backgrounds in Event Production, Entertainment Design, Corporate Sales & Strategic Planning. We are passionate supporters of the local artisan community: Our goal is to make these creators accessible to you, by integrating their talents into your personal experience design. Once we have our first consultation and learn of your plans, we will propose a curated experience design for you - one that allows you to enjoy your own unique moment in connection with your favorite people.  This process of ‘Experience Design’ is unique to us in our local market.

 Here are some ways we create memorable experiences: If you are…

  • Planning an Occasion (such as an Anniversary Dinner)? Sans Souci Experiences can arrange for a Private Chef to create a special meal at your home, allowing you a personalized and intimate celebration in a relaxed setting (and you won’t be fighting for a reservation). To enhance this, we’ll match you with some of the best local musicians (incorporating artists from The Voice and American Idol).
  • Staying in one of our town’s AirBnbs and not sure how to begin enjoying the best of the local scene? Let us welcome you with a Sommelier/Cicerone showcasing our local wines/beers. To that, maybe we will add perfect pairings by our local award-winning pastry chefs. It all depends on your preferences!
  • Hosting a Corporate Retreat/Meeting? Our Team will pair you with specialized Speakers & Workshops to break up the strategy sessions and increase the creative thinking of your team. 

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” (Albert Einstein)

What We Do

The world looks different today but the need for human connection is stronger than ever. We excel in designing experiences that will transform ordinary moments into memorable celebrations (who doesn’t need a bit more magic in their everyday life?), all while introducing you to the masters and artisans in our local market.


Our Team develops and produces meaningful connection experiences. –-between you and the artisan/maker community around you (whether in-person, online, or a combination of both). We curate powerful creative moments, personalized to your preferences/styles: The goal is to immerse you in connection with the best in town (culinary, music, wellness, cocktails, etc.), providing you with unique and unforgettable memories. Let’s start creating your personal experience design!

In-person, virtual, or somewhere in-between, our human-centered experiential concepts deepen connections and create new memories. We work with:

  • Local Residents who want to incorporate talented makers/artisans into unique celebration experiences. Want to elevate your next private celebration? Let us take it to the next level!
  • Visitors to our Town, who need a ‘local best friend’ to develop a customized itinerary, based on their interests. Let’s plan for unique experiences you can enjoy at your Airbnb!
  • Businesses: From local ‘open houses’ to Team Retreats/Meetings, we’re here to design new ways to connect with your clients and colleagues that will aid in achieving your goals.

Our Process

We start by asking, "How do you want to feel?" When you look back on your life, what is it you want to remember? That’s where our consultation will begin. Our team will then begin designing a unique and personalized celebration and sensory experience that will bring about your desired feelings and aid in making those memories. 

There's no need to wait for a milestone life event; even those 'ordinary moments' can be elevated with a unique and creative approach. 

Focus on the Local Community: There is so much talent in our hometowns. From musicians to private chefs, distillers, sommeliers/cicerones, farmers, artists, writers/poets, comedians, wellness experts, spiritualists, herbalists and more, we draw upon our connections to design your custom experience. Whether you're a local resident or just visiting, we will develop a creative personalized experience for you! We’re proud to support the BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and Women-Owned creative voices in our town.